July 14, 2014

In the following excerpt from her new book, Design for Kids: Digital Products for Playing and Learning (available now from Rosenfeld Media), Debra Levin Gelman looks at how the relationship between children and technology has changed over the last three decades.

Thirty years ago, computers were rare, special, fragile machines that kids got to play with for a few hours a week during computer time at school. Now they are ubiquitous, gracing desktops, counters, and classrooms across the globe. Twenty years ago, children were given floppy disks and monitored closely as they learned BASIC and played games. Today, they’re handed laptops and tablets and allowed to explore freely. Ten years ago, fear of the unknown had kids shying away from this thing called the World Wide Web. Now, children are boldly tackling the...read more
By Debra Levin Gelman

Debra Levin Gelman

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