October 8, 2014

Where mobile technology is concerned, screens are getting smaller, physical keyboards are and out, and interfaces are granting our hands more and more freedom. Interaction with wearable technology is completely different from what we’re used to, and these interactions are different on each type of wearble device.

Different UX Considerations for Different Devices


With approximately 1.5 inches of display real estate, smartwatches are used with the help of the index finger, which takes up to a quarter of screen space when pressing. As people are often on the move when using smartwatches, their small screen size makes it more difficult to tap on a specific area of the screen. This limits the amount of tappable areas to 4-5 buttons for seamless usage, encouraging designers to divide screens into smaller...read more
By Markiyan Matsekh

Markiyan Matsekh

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