October 7, 2014

For a long time it seems like we’ve argued that the old art-and-copy agency teams of the past need an injection of UX. We've seen UX become recognized and valued across digital projects, but the inclination is to dismiss experience design considerations when it comes to more traditional things like print projects and packaging. The case for UX in print and packaging may seem like a stretch when considered without context, but I think a couple of anecdotal stories will illustrate the need.

Irrelevance Can Be Costly

I sat in on a recent call that went over a brochure design with a few international clients. While the clients on the call commended the prose and art presented in the brochure piece, a larger more fundamental criticism threatened to derail a good bit of work that had already been done—pointing to the need for UX representation on the project. The...read more
By Tom Schneider

Tom Schneider

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