December 8, 2014

Around the same time I became a father, I was just entering the UX world, trying to figure out, how to make my product, Wideo, understandable, easy to use, and intuitive. I’m a huge toy fan and was still playing around with them before my son arrived, but having him in the house meant more toys and more opportunities to observe his interaction with his toys in the very first months of his life. Watching him made me think about how prevalent experience and interface design are in our lives from the very beginning and how much we can learn from those experiences—especially if we’re planning to build an understandable product.

Here are four basic but important lessons I learned from watching my son play as an infant and a toddler.

1. Engage Multiple Senses

Almost every toy designed for more
By Agus Esperon

Agus Esperon

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