December 18, 2014

It might be harder to remember a time when smoking cigarettes was considered cool and fashionable were it not for Mad Men. Sure, there are plenty of television shows and movies that depict people looking good while smoking, but few of them have offered up so many impeccably coiffed, sharp-dressers puffing away, often with the audible cracking of burning tobacco.

Only it’s not actually tobacco that’s crackling. As was revealed back in 2013, they don’t smoke real cigs on the show. Instead they puff herbal cigarettes stuffed with marshmallow leaves and rose petals, free of nicotine and tar.

It would be unreasonable to expect the cast and crew of a show with such a busy shooting schedule to smoke the real thing, but the switch of herbs for tobacco in a show so hell-bent on authenticity says more
By UX Magazine Staff

UX Magazine Staff

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