December 22, 2014

As we mentioned last week when we gave you the top UX trends of 2014, it's been a big year for experience design. 2015 shows all signs of being an even bigger one, with experience design sinking deeper into products, services, organizations, and the lives of those who interact with them.

Without further ado, here are some predictions for 2015 from our contributors:

A Rise in “Slippy” UX - Shannon Copfer, JW Player

Up until now, we’ve seen a lot of focus on creating “sticky” user experiences—experiences that engage the user and keep them interested, as well as bringing them back for more. “Sticky” has been considered one of the most desirable design traits possible—a way for digital experience designers to show off their talent, eliciting “oohs” and “ahhs” from consumers, more
By UX Magazine Staff

UX Magazine Staff

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