December 19, 2014

This was another big year for experience design. Biggest one yet? Sure, why not. There were too many developments, surprises, and shakeups to count, so we sent the call out to our contributors to give us their picks for the trends—both good and bad—that stood out from the rest.

Wihtout further ado, the top UX trends of 2014:

Welcome Back Social Media, We’ve Decided You Are Useful - Rebekah Rousi

After years of deliberating the benefits and popularity of social media, with conflicting views and sentiments over whether it was healthy or not—promoting loneliness through abundance of "friends" but no real relationships and of course the deflated interest levels of disgruntled users filtering through waves of selfies and “words of wisdom”—people have decided that services more
By UX Magazine Staff

UX Magazine Staff

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