February 5, 2015

The trajectory has been set, and somewhere on the horizon—maybe a distant one, maybe closer than we think—humans and technology will coexist on a cellular level. What starts with wristbands checking our pulse and knowing if we’re sleeping well will one day become armies of nanobots joining our own white blood cells on search-and-destroy missions to eradicate cancerous cells from our bodies.

With the rapid pace at which new technologies emerge and are built upon, it’s anyone’s guess what our relationship with computers and the web will be like in even five short years. Microchips are increasingly cheaper and smaller, sensors are everywhere, and more and more of our experiences with physical objects and environments rely on integral digital components.

It has become much easier to design digital systems that can be interacted with using physical devices far different from the traditional mouse, keyboard, or...read more
By Josh Tyson | UX Magazine

Josh Tyson | UX Magazine

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