March 5, 2015

We hear from a lot of experience design practitioners here at UX Magazine. One thing almost all of you seem to have in common is a love of coffee. With apologies to dedicated tea-drinkers, we’ve decided to give winners of Design for Experience awards the chance to sip triumph in the form of an exclusive winner’s roast.

That’s right. Winners of this year’s DfE awards will have access to Design for Experience Private Roast coffee.

We don’t roast our own coffee, but we know someone who knows someone who does, and we’re working closely with a team of artisan coffee pros to put together an nuanced experience you can share with your team. The taste of victory, in a cup, with caffeine!

More news about the DfE Private Roast as it develops.

In the meantime, the final deadline for applications in more
By UX Magazine Staff

UX Magazine Staff

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