June 25, 2015

Give a kid a tablet and watch them go. As a parent, it’s plenty tempting to hand your child a mobile device because, frankly, it’s keeps them quiet and engaged for hours. If you fed them intravenously, kids would probably go for days on end with their favorite app. And while some of the best apps for youngins are useful educational tools, this situation presents a problem: it’s not healthy for kids to sit around exercising only their thumbs.

That’s where Hackaball comes in. The creation of London-based “innovation accelerator” Made by Many, Hackaball is a durable, croquet-ball-sized sphere that kids can program via iPad to respond with light, sound, and vibration. Kids are invited to use the ball’s functionality to create their own games and use cases (imagine the...read more
By Josh Tyson | UX Magazine

Josh Tyson | UX Magazine

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