July 14, 2015

Getting your first paycheck at a new job is exciting. However, it quickly becomes a routine event. As ordinary as getting one becomes, paycheck stubs contain vital information that employees need to be able to read and access each pay period. They need to be able to make sure all of their tax and withholding information is accurate. They need to check that their hours are correct (especially important for hourly workers who frequently encounter labor law violations). They want to see paid time off accrued, as well as other reimbursements and information.

Along with most business processes, accessing pay stubs and benefits has not only gone digital, it’s also gone mobile. Most payroll and business service companies like ADP, Adecco, Paychex, and Manpower Group have digital pay stubs, but only the latter two appear to have apps for employees to chart time and access...read more
By Will Scott

Will Scott

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