January 25, 2016
“The value [of products and services] will increasingly come from being great at reading the tea leaves in the data.” - Randy Komisar, Partner at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers

The unspoken pact that we have with machines is that their algorithms will be able to “read the tea leaves” in our data. Algorithms will be able to tell us a story about ourselves in a new way, or help us simplify our lives by being more informed.

Take, for instance, the motion sensor in the Fitbit. It listens to our movements, and its algorithms tell us a detailed story of our exercise and sleep - both quantity and quality - and where we need to improve.

Yet in spite of the ever-increasing sophistication of algorithms and machine learning, the stories that machines tell us don’t always make us more aware of our behavior, keep us better informed about ourselves, or help us make better choices.

There are three ways algorithms under-deliver on the value they...read more
By Jason Goodhand

Jason Goodhand

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