January 22, 2016

Big data and design have left their mark on various industries and business functions and now have their sights on customer experience. Data helps us uncover valuable opportunities worth solving, while design thinking guides us to a deeper understanding and more meaningful, user-centric solutions. In the year ahead, the marriage of data and design will offer powerful new ways for companies to build stronger customer relationships and drive growth.

Predictive Analytics Goes Mainstream

Large SaaS-based companies like Amazon have been reaping the benefits of big data and predictive analytics to drive business growth for years. For example, Amazon’s recommendations are powered not only by your past viewing and purchasing data but also by the data from thousands of other shoppers like you.

In 2016, we’ll see an expansion of analytics across two dimensions—across companies of all types—large and small, B2B and B2C, traditional software and SaaS—as well as beyond the...read more
By Saul Gurdus

Saul Gurdus

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