January 18, 2016

As I found myself procrastinating while writing this article, I began rationalizing this behavior: for all the hours spent postponing this task and that, I had subconsciously been preparing for the task, mentally organizing thoughts and data.

This made me think of the 2011 TEDx talk, where psychology and behavioral economics professor, Dan Ariely, painted the picture of a utopian society of productivity.

In the future we are wonderful people: we will be patient, we will not procrastinate, we will take our medication, we will exercise...The problem is that we never get to live in that Future. We live in the Present and in the Present we’re not that wonderful people.

Procrastination naturally bleeds into every aspect of life, from the routine of getting out of bed and paying one’s bills, to more serious things like going to the doctor for a check-up. Our...read more
By Nour Diab Yunes

Nour Diab Yunes

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