April 5, 2016

If you like my design, I feel good. If it works, I have succeeded.

View your baby as a service, not a product. All else will follow.

Fool tries to upsell before having sold at all. Both stones fall from hand.

One-man bands play street corners, not concert halls. Music none want to hear.

Seek neither reality from a schedule nor logic from a cat

Take excellent care of users, and the brand will take care of itself

Simplicity is a one-to-one match between an itch and a scratch

Iterate in private. Don’t learn trumpet in front of an audience.

No one has more than 80% of the answer to anything

UX seesaw: The easier for ourselves, the harder for users

Releasing garbage on time and on budget: The angels do not sing

BEEB design: There’s a Box for Everything, Everything’s in a Box

Homeopathic home page: pound of branding, molecule of info

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By John Boykin

John Boykin

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