June 29, 2017

Design is a fast growing industry with a vast array of opportunities, it’s an exciting time to build a dream career in the industry. With so many amazing design jobs out there, and so many well-qualified designers, how can you make your design portfolio stand out? Here are some of the top tips here at JMC Academy that we give to our Digital Design students.

1. Select your work carefully

Don’t just throw all of your work in to the portfolio. One piece of bad work can undermine an entire portfolio, demonstrating a lack of discretion towards best quality. So select pieces which best indicate your talent and energy. Industry people don’t expect to see every piece of your work you have ever designed, but they will want to see a variety of different pieces that reflect your talent, desire and application. Be aware of presenting a range of projects that reveal both your ability and your experience.

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By Sam Urban

Sam Urban

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