July 24, 2020

You need some design and — darn it — you need it now. That, or your boss has tasked you with finding a design agency. The ways of finding a design agency are myriad: you already have an existing relationship with one; you ask a friend or colleague, ‘who did your website?’; or you type ‘design agency’ into Google and see who’s SEO or PPC does the best job of getting them to the dizzying heights of page one.

Some of those methods feel like you are scratching away at the foils hoping your numbers come up, but either way, you will eventually have a shortlist of design agencies to talk to, and you need to discern who is the best fit.

If you haven’t ever contracted a designer or design agency before, how do you know who is charging the right amount and who will do the best job? Well, from the other side of the fence (yes, I am a designer) here are a few questions that will help you make the right decision.

But first, some due diligence.

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By Marcus Taylor

Marcus Taylor

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