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Filling Up Your Tank, Or How To Justify User Research Sample Size And Data

    Jen is presenting her research report to a client, who runs an e-commerce website. She conducted interviews with 12 potential users. Her goal was to understand the conditions under which users choose to shop online versus in store. The client asks Jen why they should trust her research when she has spoken to only 12 people. Jen explains her process to the client. She shares how she determined...

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The Realities Of User Experience Design Within The Luxury Industry

    For luxury companies and upscale lifestyle service providers, excellence in experience is an essential component of the value delivered. Conceptually different from the mass market, the luxury domain relies not only on offering the highest differentiated products and services, but on delivering experiential value. Adopting technology and embracing a digital presence through platforms and initiatives, the luxury industry today is tackling the challenge of designing an unparalleled user...

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Considerations When Conducting User Research In Other Countries: A Brazilian Case Study

  Following a recent economic windfall, Brazilians are faced with more choices of how to spend their money. This provides a situation for good UX to make a huge impact and sway customers to buy new products or services. Companies inside and outside Brazil are interested in capturing a part of this new market. My company, Blink UX, had the opportunity to conduct in-home user interviews in São Paulo on behalf...

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How Limitations Led To My Biggest App Store Success and Failure

Look at your calendar. If you’re anything like me, all you see are meetings, places to go, things to do, people to meet and not a lot of white space. Few people love their calendar. So, we set out to change that, and we learned a lot in the process. Our app is an iPhone app that flips your calendar upside down and lets you focus on the free time...

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