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UX Design in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio
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Material Design Icons, Goodies And Starter Kits

  It's always great to have a little toolbox with just the right tools waiting for you when you need them. What if you are about to start working on a new project which should apply the material design language introduced by Google last year? What if you had just a good starter kit with everything you need to dive into the creative process without being distracted by routine tasks? We're...

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Selling The Value Of The Web To Small-Town Clients

Selling your services as a freelancer or a small shop is tough enough as it is. Selling to a small-town business that might not even see the need for a website adds an extra level of difficulty in turning a profit. I’ve provided web design services to small-town businesses for the past few years, having had many happy outcomes, but also a lot of negative experiences from which I’ve learned...

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The Mystery Is Resolved: Chirpy Birds, Lost Numbers and Pretty Slow Wheels

Experiments and side projects are wonderful ways to challenge yourself and explore areas that you wouldn’t usually consider exploring. That’s what Smashing Mystery Riddles1 are for us: little experiments that challenge us to come up with something new, original and a bit crazy—every single time. The ideas are usually a synthesis of the things we discover, stumble upon or try out ourselves—and oh my, they take quite some time to...

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Hello world from TexasUX!

This is the first official post for TexasUX! This blog will be dedicated to all things around User Experience, Innovation, Technology, Big Data, Data Visualization, User Interface and Mobile. I am not a professional blogger by any means but here's to trying new things and great adventures in the blogosphere...! My name is Makoto Kern, I am a user experience (UX) consultant that recently moved to Austin, Texas from Chicago,...

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